How does acupuncture treatment feel?

hands putting acupuncture treatment needle in below stomach naval

Most people find acupuncture very relaxing. It is hard to describe the sensation felt, one person will experience the feeling differently from another. Rarely does it hurt, and if it does, the feeling is only momentarily. Patients often describe the needle sensation as a tingling or dull ache, a warm, or an alive sensation. This is one of the signs that the body's "qi" has been stimulated.

Does acupuncture hurt?

man getting acupuncture needles in the back

The emphasis of integrated acupuncture is minimum intervention, where usually only a few points are needed. Annabel uses high-quality fine needles which are inserted very lightly. It is unlike having an injection, where the needles are solid, not hollow. Some people don't even feel them penetrate the skin. Once the needles are in, it is hardly noticeable.

Should I tell my doctor about my planned acupuncture treatment?

If you are currently receiving treatment from your doctor it is recommended you tell your doctor that you are planning to have acupuncture. Do not stop taking your medication without professional guidance. Please advise Annabel about any medication and supplements you are taking as this may affect your response to the acupuncture treatment. The acupuncture treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some forms of medication, but you should always consult your doctor regarding any change of prescription. Acupuncture works well either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other therapies.

I have private health insurance, will it cover my cost for treatment?

That depends upon your insurer. As the demand for complementary medicine increases more private health insurance companies are beginning to offer cover for traditional acupuncture. You should check your individual policy details.