Acupuncture for Fertility

parent hands cupping baby feet Acupuncture can help you if you are trying to conceive on a natural cycle or can also be beneficial if you are undergoing assisted reproduction such as IVF.

Fertility focused acupuncture treatment has been found to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormone levels such as FSH and oestradiol by regulating the pituitary-ovarian function, help the quality of eggs released, regulate the menstrual cycle, and improve the lining of the uterus.

​Additionally, conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis have also been shown to improve with regular Acupuncture treatment.

As male factor is increasingly a contributory factor in infertility, I work with both men and women to discuss how to increase your chances of conception. Benefits to male fertility have been found with positive effects on sperm count, morphology and motility. Along with acupuncture treatment, Annabel will provide lifestyle and nutritional advice. I am more than happy to see couples at the initial consultation.

Acupuncture continues to become more recognised as being an excellent therapy to be used alongside IVF where ​a British Medical Journal report suggests acupuncture can improve IVF by up to 65%. Acupuncture can also help manage the side effects of the medications which can have a taxing effect on the body and help reduce stress.

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Treatment Frequency

Often my patients want to know how often they should come for treatment. I find I get the best results when I have seen patients over a 3 month period on a weekly basis so we can effectively chart progress over three cycles.

If you are likely to be going through assisted reproduction, it is also useful to have acupuncture prior to commencing treatment for approximately 3 months to prepare the body as best as possible. However often people come to see me later in the process, when they are soon to, or have already commenced treatment. I am still happy to see you at this stage, as I believe acupuncture is beneficial throughout each stage of the IVF process and a little acupuncture is better than none.