Zinnia, 44

"I cannot recommend Annabel highly enough. I am a busy mother of three trying to juggle the usual demands of modern life, children, husband, large extended family, friends, home and work. I was not sleeping properly, feeling exhausted, suffering from lack of energy and frequently having days when I was literally physically unable to get out of bed. I tried numerous avenues holistic and traditional with no joy and then I found Annabel. After 4 sessions there was a dramatic improvement in how I was feeling. I now have monthly acupuncture to maintain my health. My appointments with Annabel are heaven sent. She is kind, caring and incredibly skilled."

Mary, 36

"I contacted Annabel when I was 37 weeks pregnant as I had heard that acupuncture could be effective for labour preparation. I had also been suffering lower back and hip pain. Annabel managed to ease the pain in the weeks leading up to the labour, and was a fantastic emotional support through the final weeks. I came away feeling very calm and collected after the treatments. We were absolutely delighted to have our baby boy just 1 day shy of our due date, a natural water birth, only using the tens machine and the acupressure points she taught me and my husband. I am sure the acupuncture played a huge part and I am now a huge advocate of pre-birth acupuncture!!"

Darren, 32

"I started to see Annabel having physically burnt out following years of working, socialising and exercising to excess. Traditional medical routes proved ineffective, but having had weekly sessions with Annabel for a couple of months I started to feel much better and re-energised. Annabel has a very calm and kind nature, and always goes way beyond the call of duty to help."

Patricia, 41

"I cannot recommend Annabel highly enough. I went to see her when I was about to embark on IVF for the first (and as it turns out only) time. It isn't just whatever magic Annabel does with the accupunture needles that makes her so good, it is her ability to listen and help you talk about difficult things that is just as important. She was knowledgeable and help me to understand the IVF process but was always so careful never to step on the toes of the doctors or offer medical advice. Accupunture helped me stay sane throughout a difficult process. I also think it had real physical benefits, especially when it came to transfer day when I had sessions with Annabel before and after the process. I have no doubt that Annabel is one of the reasons (alongside the incredible staff at the IVF clinic) that I am sitting here today with a big smile of my face typing this as quickly as possible before my beautiful 3 month old daughter wakes up! And for that, I will be grateful forever."

Martina, 38

"When I first spoke with Annabel, I was in a very low place suffering from post natal depression. I was overwrought with tiredness, highly anxious, unable to sleep and finding breast feeding a huge challenge. After the first treatment I had the best night sleep I had in a long time and I really couldn't believe that after just a few treatments I began to feel back to myself again as I regained my strength and energy. I am so glad I sought help when I did, Annabel's support through this difficult time played such a huge part in my recovery."

Natalie, 36

"Annabel was fantastic to work with when I was preparing for and going through fertility treatment. She is really friendly and makes an effort to get to know you and your personal situation and works really hard to deliver results for you. She goes above and beyond and even fitted me in on a weekend, leaving her friends as it was a critical point in my treatment which was really amazing and a testament to her passion and how much she wants to help her patients. Annabel is also clearly highly qualified and is focussed on continuously developing her knowledge by attending courses to ensure she is delivering best in class acupuncture."

Kam, 40

"I had been unsuccessful in conceiving for over three years. Acupuncture was my last chance to try and conceive naturally before attempting IVF. After just six weekly sessions, I had the highest fertility I had ever experienced (picked up on the ovulation monitor). I was delighted the following month when I had a positive pregnancy test for the first time in my life. Now I have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby boy!! I strongly believe I would never have got pregnant without Annabel's help. She was very professional and knowledgeable, and so caring and approachable to talk to about any problems or concerns I had. I felt I had made a new friend who was on this stressful journey alongside me. I just wish I had known about acupuncture for fertility sooner. Fortunately, the acupuncture also helped me in other ways. My periods were heavy and painful due to endometriosis, but the pain would be alleviated straight after a session. I had also suffered from a trapped nerve in my leg the previous year, and again my symptoms really improved with the acupuncture. I would most definitely recommend Annabel to all my family, friends and anyone trying to conceive. I never thought I would actually be holding my own baby one day, I cannot thank Annabel enough, she has given me so much happiness."

Pantelis, 45

"I developed tinnitus last year following ear wax removal; the tinnitus was debilitating, frightening & continuous. The insomnia, stress & drugs resulted in a horrible breakdown.
A number of people have helped me on my journey to try & recover my life, but none more so than Annabel. My sessions with Annabel include talking therapy; she gives me a voice to flush out the fear & pain; she listens to me and in this way has helped to gradually stabilise me. Showing empathy & understanding, in a caring and compassionate way, she is helping me to beat the breakdown, the depression & maybe even the tinnitus.
The second part of the session is acupuncture based; Annabel treats my heart and spirit, my depression and the tinnitus itself. During treatment the tinnitus becomes fainter and after treatment I have strong feelings of courage and dignity. The acupuncture also has a calming effect & helps me to sleep. There have been moments & periods recently (in particular before bedtime) when the tinnitus has seemed much fainter than before.
Annabel has provided me with a safety net; her character, professionalism, discretion & humanity are all of the highest calibre & I am grateful that she has been there to help me through this difficult time."

Salma, 30

"I contacted Annabel after reading research related to the positive impact acupuncture can have on assisting fertility. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens but it seemed to get worse around the same time that my husband and I wanted to try for a baby. I visited Annabel throughout my first cycle of Clomid. I was at ease with her from my consultation session, she has a very approachable and friendly manner and that helped me to relax. I also found her to be very knowledgeable, which proved a big support during the Clomid cycle as I would be able to discuss what my body was doing and how it was reacting with someone who understood why and could reassure me that things were normal. She effectively used this knowledge to plan and deliver treatments that prompted my body to do what it needed to which, I am happy to say, resulted in my pregnancy. During pregnancy I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and acupuncture has helped me to control this - I went from being unable to sleep due to the symptoms to feeling normal after the very first session focused on this. In my opinion Annabel is an incredibly competent and effective practitioner whose treatments have always been successful in achieving the results I desired. She cares about meeting her clients need and for this reason I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!"

Izabella, 34

"Having tried to conceive for about three years and having experienced one unsuccessful IVF after eventually being diagnosed with PCOS, we decided to seek alternative methods to support our second IVF cycle. That’s how we came across Annabel’s acupuncture clinic. We were truly taken aback by Annabel’s knowledge, professionalism and incredibly caring approach. It was such a breath of fresh air after endlessly impersonal hospital treatments and tests. She even offered to accommodate our pre and post transfer treatments on Sunday morning! Having undergone three months of weekly meetings with Annabel, we were extremely pleased to learn that our second IVF treatment was successful – as a result I am now four months pregnant. My husband and I strongly believe that this success is not only thanks to Annabel’s magic needles, but also thanks to her positive and caring approach and her warmly encouraging smile, particularly during times when smiling was the last thing on our minds... We are now very fond of acupuncture and would not hesitate to recommend it to any couple wanting to boost their fertility."

Claire, 33

"I can't recommend Annabel enough. I started seeing her a few months before I got pregnant and carried on all the way through the pregnancy and following the arrival of my baby. Annabel really understands pregnancy and fertility issues and I know that my sessions helped me avoid any of the usual pregnancy complications such as swelling, high blood pressure, back pain etc.
Annabel is friendly and very professional, she takes the time to address any issues or questions I have at the beginning of the appointment and tailors the session accordingly.
I've had acupuncture with other practitioners previously but Annabel would be the only one that I recommended"

Richard, 75

"Annabel's treatments for my rheumatism and sleeping issue have been fantastic. After a course of acupuncture treatments, my pain in the joints and muscles has almost gone. Fantastic and helpful personality. Very good!"

Bally, 39

"I found my sessions with Annabel very calming, soothing, and worthwhile. I was having acupuncture treatment for fertility and felt my sessions were very helpful. Every time I came away, I would personally feel very positive about my life in general. Annabel helped me change my diet and lifestyle, and after 4 months of block weekly sessions I can happily say I am now 5 months pregnant! Thank You!"

Missey, 21

"I originally started acupuncture to help for weight loss, but it has not only helped me lose weight, but has helped me in many other ways. After the first session it was part of my weekly routine, it was an hour that helped me let my body recover from the week, relax and energise for the week to come. I definitely recommend Annabel, she made me feel comfortable and always relaxed."

Carolyn, 33

"I used to be a very anxious person and struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember.... it would take hours to drop off to sleep! Immediate benefits from acupuncture was that I felt more grounded and able to focus, then after a few more treatments, my skin had cleared up and my sleep had improved drastically. It has been a pleasure seeing Annabel for treatment; she is enthusiastic, easy to relate to, and takes a great interest in my health and well-being."

Steve, 52

"When I first came to see Annabel I was off sick from work after experiencing acute chest pains, was stressed out, feeling really low and smoking 25 cigarettes a day. Annabel got my life back on track! I have since given up smoking, back at work and pain free, and feel like a much better person. I always look forward to my treatments with Annabel where I would feel totally relaxed and calm."

Jane, 31

"I started seeing Annabel to improve my energy levels, regulate my cycle and digestive symptoms. I then decided to start trying for a second baby and fell pregnant within a month! I live a busy life managing work, my daughter, and now have another baby on the way but Annabel puts me at ease every time. I feel like I am coping very well through my second pregnancy."

Alex, 45

"I came to see Annabel after I had been suffering from tension in my upper back with pain radiating all down my arm, I couldn't properly turn my neck I was so stiff! I was in a lot of pain and struggling to sleep, nothing seemed to help and I was starting to feel like it would never go away. I was so relieved after a few sessions of acupuncture and guasha with Annabel, the pain in my shoulders and neck went completely! I also felt much less stressed and I now know that played a part. I can finally get back to work and move normally again. I would certainly recommend Annabel to anyone seeking pain relief."

Victoria, 37

"I first came to see Annabel when my partner and I were trying for a baby, having heard about the positive effects on fertility. While we had no particular reason to worry about conceiving, from the start Annabel helped me to relax and feel positive about the process, and her knowledge really helped us in approaching the whole thing in a slightly more scientific (well-timed!) way. Her treatments definitely had a positive effect on my cycle, particularly the symptoms of PMT, and we conceived naturally within a few months. I've been lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy so far, but have still found Annabel's sessions really useful in helping me to relax and relieve any work stress. Best of all, she is so lovely, warm and genuinely interested in her patients that I feel I've made a friend too."

Josie, 35

"I cannot recommend Annabel highly enough. I first went to her for help with regulating my cycle after it was taking a long time for my body to get back to ‘normal’ following a miscarriage, and it didn’t take long for me to see the benefit. I continued to see Annabel and sadly I had another miscarriage but my body recovered much more quickly this time. Following this, the acupuncture helped prepare my body for ivf and helped me through the process, especially the day of the transfer, and then throughout my pregnancy. I also benefitted from her knowledge and expertise as she gave useful advice in a kind and caring way. The sessions left me feeling relaxed and positive about what was to come. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to her and how much I feel the acupuncture was of benefit to me. If you have any doubt, my advice is give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it."

Maria, 38

"I saw Annabel for help with my last two pregnancies and have been extremely happy with the outcomes. What can I say, it works :) I have no doubt about the efficacy of Annabel's treatment. I also found it extremely relaxing and it really helped reduce stress levels. I highly recommend Annabel."

Louisa, 33

"Annabel has been the most brilliant acupuncturist for me. I’ve had acupuncture in preparation to get pregnant for both my babies (4 months prior to trying) and both times I got pregnant straight away and. I 100% put it down to Annabel! I also had acupuncture all the way through my pregnancies and it definitely helped prevent sickness and swelling etc. In the final few weeks of my first pregnancy I got oedema in my feet which was so painful and I had acupuncture for it and it went down within hours! Amazing! I also had acupuncture to bring on labour as my son was getting close to being induced and I went in to labour that evening!"

Amy, 39

"I came to see Annabel after I had suffered 3 miscarriages. I had been frustrated with the lack of advice I had been given and I was feeling anxious about miscarrying again. Annabel worked with me for a few months before we started trying again to get me strong for the next pregnancy. I felt so calm after our sessions and reassured that this time could be different. After getting through the first trimester I continued to see Annabel and she supported me right up to the birth. I now have a healthy son aged 6 months and we are just over the moon!"